Budget Plans

Get more predictable heating oil bills with Budget Plans from Majka & Sons

Man enjoys predictable payments with a budget plan

You use almost 90 percent of your heating oil during a 5-month period — and when it’s really cold, you can use a lot of that heating oil very quickly.

That can mean high bills — and some unwanted surprises — come wintertime.

But with heating oil Budget Plans from Majka & Sons, you’ll trade high winter bills for predictability and peace of mind. With our budget plans, you will also receive a prompt pay discount.

Majka's monthly payment plan helps keep winter bills from spiking

With our convenient Budget Plans, you’ll avoid big winter fuel bills by spreading your heating oil costs over 11 equal monthly payments (the program kicks off twice a year — in September and May). That means you’ll know exactly how much you’re going to pay each month so you can plan your budget more easily.

If the amount of oil you’re using changes, we’ll make a small adjustment to your bill once a year; if you’re using less than expected, we’ll simply credit your account.

Want to make your heating oil buying experience even easier? Sign up for convenient options like Automatic Delivery and Auto Pay!

And if you want to lock in a price on your heating oil all year long, choose our prebuy option. Just buy your heating oil whenever you like the market price of and we’ll store it until you need it delivered.

Sign up for a Majka & Sons Budget Plan today and get more predictable bills — and the peace of mind that comes with them!