Oil Tanks

Replace your old heating oil tank with a high-tech model from Majka & Sons

basement oil storage tank

If you’re ready to replace your oil fuel tank but have resisted because it’s too much of a hassle, don’t wait any longer — let Majka & Sons replace it with an economical new model.

Why? Because like all other appliances you may have, you may need to change and update to current technology. If your tank is more than 20 years old, it’s definitely time to start thinking about replacing it. We can help you.

Majka & Sons features state-of-the-art carbon steel STI-P3 underground tanks and Granby double-wall aboveground tanks that are virtually leak-free. Here at Majka, we also offer tank protection programs with ProGuard and all insurance and tank protection companies for your peace of mind.

We will install your heating oil tank quickly and compliance with all codes and requirements!

Contact Majka & Sons for a heating oil tank inspection or a FREE estimate on a new tank today!